The Power of Our Cycles

Cycle Awareness

The skill they should have taught us in high school

I grew up in a society where you didn’t talk about your period all that much. It was a thing that happened for a week or so every month and that was that. The reality is – the uterus is a powerful organ and years of the patriarchy have not let menstruating humans understand the power their cycle can hold.

Your cycle is so much more than your period.

I hate that saying – “Grow a pair of balls.” What happens when you are kicked in the balls? You fall over and cry in pain. Yet the uterus can literally grow life and expand to 10 times its normal size. Suck it up and grow a uterus I say!

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I started my period when I was 10. Like many of those around me, I had no real idea what was going on other than – I bleed every month, it is painful, and no one really talks about it. It was not until I had suffered for 20 + years with debilitating periods, PMS, unbalanced hormones and sat across from many complacent doctors telling me to suck it up and go on the pill, that I decided to advocate for my body and truly understand my cycle.

At 32 I was diagnosed with stage 3 endometriosis and a number of large Uterine fibroids. This opened me up into a world of healing hormonal imbalances naturally and learning to live with my cycle. What if you could live in sync with your body and use your cycle to unlock your creative prowess?

I learnt to honour the fact that from week to week my body would be experiencing something different and to use this to my advantage. Think about your cycle – no matter how long or short – as the seasons of the year…

  • Winter: You are bleeding, you are going inward, you want to keep warm and comfortable, go slow and for god’s sake rest
  • Spring: You emerge from your cave and are feeling fresher than the week before, you are more alert, you can start to lay down plans for the energy surge that is about to hit.
  • Summer: Hello ovulation! You are feeling brighter, bolder, warm, confident, your energy is high, being social feels a little easier. You are moving quicker, time to get shit done. You might be distracted by the fun and shiny things, but embrace those creative juices that are flowing, it is time to create.
  • Autumn: Time for you to wind down, tie up those loose ends, slow down after a busy summer, prepare yourself for rest and hibernation. Review, rethink and reflect.

Honestly, we should have been taught this shit at school.

I think that cycle awareness is particularly important for those running their own business. You pour your soul into your business (or even a big project), therefore you must be mindful to care for your vessel (your body.) For the vessel to continuously pour out that passion, it needs fuel, maintenance and tender loving care.

Being aware of your cycle can facilitate this self-care and help you to use your precious energy wisely. Importantly, being in tune with your cycle can help you to stay grounded and connect with the space in between where you are now and discovering what you are here to do.

Ok, I know this sounds woo-woo and witchy as… quick burn me at the stake, I know too much! BUT, it’s the truth. And the reason we do not understand our cycles is that perhaps we have been conditioned to suck it up, to think that periods are gross or an annoyance, that we should be seen and not heard, and to stay silent through pain. I am calling bull-shit on this, as it can lead to years of being disconnected from our bodies and postponing the adequate maintenance needed on this amazing vessel getting us through our wild journey.

Our bodies are powerful, and they have so much to tell, we just need to listen.

There is so much info out there about cycle awareness, but it feels hidden. So many people I talk to have no idea that their cycle can be an integral part of how productive, creative, confident, and successful they are.

Now, I want to be clear… this takes work. Your body is not black and white. I have spent years listening to my body and devouring all the information out there, and I am still learning each day. Understanding your cycle will not happen in a week, or even month. It also isn’t about learning something verbatim from a textbook. It is about understanding the facts and pairing this with constant tracking of your cycle. It is about YOU. Time to get selfish and not apologize for it.

Remember – you are a cyclical being, your mind and body are always evolving and changing. Embrace it yo.

I have put together a simple guide to the cycle awareness resources I have found useful. If you are new to understanding your cycle and have no idea where to start – download this guide for free!

I think of this as an ode to the people that have helped me understand my cycle and a collation of the information I have gathered over the years. This guide only scratches the surface. There are more resources and people out educating the world about the power of our cycles. Keep your ears open and do not be afraid to challenge old ways of operating.

Every. body. is. different. I cannot stress this enough.

Put energy into getting to know YOUR body and your cycle; to get in your flow. If we do not connect to our bodies and take actions to care for and help ourselves – we are never going to be able to help each other.


There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy

– Friedrich Nietzsche